Using Google Image Search To Improve Your Law Firms SEO

In the video I show you:

  • How Google "sees" your website images.
  • Why using stock images on your website is not a good idea.
  • How to improve your website with information from Google image search.
  • Why being "authentic" is important for SEO.

My complete guide to Google SEO for your law firm website.

Video Transcript.

I'm going to show you an uncommon method of using Google image search to check out your own website, see how Google sees it, and find ways to improve your search engine optimization.

So you can improve how and where you're ranking in Google. There are many different ways and they all come down to one thing. How good is the user experience and how good does Google think the user experience is for their searchers. You want to think about this when your goal is search engine optimization.

Website visitors start off as Google searchers. They start with Google, they search a keyword phrase and the results come up. They trust Google's reputation of knowing what's best for them. Basically searchers are going to click one of these results from the first page. When they follow through to the website they believe they will find the information they are seeking.

With something as competitive as law firms, Google has deemed that a good user experience and specifically for their keyword they're going to find what they're looking for so this is a tip how to use Google Image Search to be that law or to be that a law firm website that people find when they search Google okay so let's just let's jump into it and I'm gonna start off with this is my website pro lawyer marketing calm and I have a variety of images that we're going to use for Google search and I'll explain how you can go into your own website and do a very quick search image Image Search to see how Google and to see how the public views your user experience let's get started okay the sky right here obviously a stock image that I jazzed up a bit I'm going to right click right click with my mouse and I'm going to go down here to search Google for image I am using the Google Chrome browser so if you use Google Chrome browser right click search Google for image ok great here's our result this is our image up here you can see in the search bar also Google has added this word performance that's when the Google AI looks at this image that's what they feel about the image possible related search performance you got Wikipedia you got Cambridge the dictionary and then you've got other similar images okay so we can look down here we got Elan we got Barack Obama we've got a couple other guys here right all these are pretty similar black background guy in a business suit pretty amazing okay so that's the stock image that has been altered all of these social icons are part of this image it's been altered quite a bit so when I do the Google search you can see the results now I want to show you a stock image that has not been altered right here see this older gentleman right here lawyer we're going to right click we're going to search Google for image now we can see our image is in the search bar this is here because I'm on a virtual private network out of Spain okay we got some results here visually similar images and then we got more search page results here let's go up a little bit start here 208 results about 208 results okay let's check this out we got Getty Images com Getty Images DK we've got my website pro lawyer marketing com we've got Getty Images again crapcom let's go to page two here Getty Images chair spec comm Getty Images again you can see at the end of Getty Images these are different country different countries for Getty Images right okay let's go to third pages to do it okay now we got canvas en can back Amba canva and taringa net you can see here that all these images are on different websites promoting kind of different things right let's go let's open this one here we go here's the website looks like a news website close that out the reason I open that and the reason I'm pointing this out is that multiple websites are using this same image so what does that tell Google especially when that website is Getty Images over and over and over that tells Google this is a stock photo it's not authentic to the business it might represent what the business does but this is not an authentic image from the business and this is Google it what Google is trying to do now is find authenticity and they're trying to find specifically authentic brands right so if you're pulling stock images on your homepage your about me page or bio page personal pages like that that's kind of a red flag these are not authentic images from the business now you have to consider you have to consider that a law firm is a local business in the eyes of Google you're a local business you probably have a location probably have ours you probably have a business phone number your local business most likely okay so that's why this is actually very very very important for law firms specifically because you are an authentic brand with a business location a local business location okay so let's go back okay let's scroll down a little bit okay this is a client of mine his name is Ryan Krupp and he's a lawyer in st. Louis criminal defense and personal injury let's right-click search google for image okay now check this out in the search bar we have Ryan's image we have public speaking that's good we could probably tighten that up make it better so there's there is a little clue for us right a clue what Google thinks this images they think he's it possible related it says possible but does say possible related search public speaking now we need to we need to get Google to understand that this is not public speaking but this is him as a trial lawyer right so that's a small clue and that is something that we could go to the website and make an improvement that's how you improve your SEO out of all the factors this is just one small one but when you pay attention to the details like this you pay attention to details you will create the best user experience possible and you will and you will be placed on top of the search results over your competitors when you pay attention to details like this okay so we'll go down a little bit ah pages that include matching images corrupt law firm comm what does a drug defense lawyer do now that this image is more of a landscape than this image but it's smart enough to find that out of the entire internet the billions of pages it's smart enough to find that that fast it's pretty incredible but this is good corrupt law firm right here that's what we want now let's go up here to the top it found about three results do you see the difference here between this authentic image of this real-life lawyer representing a real-life brand and a local business his law firm there's three results this image is not competing with 30 other websites this is how Google finds out if you're authentic let's go down on my website look at another image here Benny Rivera a Kansas criminal defense attorney right click search Google for image okay so we have been eager Barry here his images in the search bar and it says tuxedo okay what's this all about we've got a little knowledge graph over here knowledge panel and then we've got visually similar images down here we've got a couple things about black time the difference between suits and tuxedos okay down here what do we have pages that include the matching images Rivera law office Rivera law office this is great choose twice that's okay it's not on other sites you see they have this is a possible related search and this is a possible related search but it's not on the site this is on the site this signal to Google authenticity this signals to Google that this is the real-life representative of this law firm its authentic this is Vinny Rivera now could we make this better yes we could go in we could do some work on here with some alternative text that explains more clearly to Google that this is not any that has nothing to do with tuxedo it has to do with Vinny Rivera the criminal defense lawyer local business and Olathe Kansas okay so just to do an overview when you use a stock image it's probably posted on many other sites Google can look at your images and does look at your images on your site and does these comparisons very quickly and they are looking for authentic brands and when you use images that are not authentic branded images they're not the real thing they're not real life you might not get demoted completely and retina and website search results or I'm sorry Google search results it might not hammer you but it's a sign it's a flag this website could be better and when you pay attention to details like this and you get all those flags you find all these small details that you can make better well then you provide a better user experience and Google wins because they provide a better search experience and they will put you to the top to searchers they will put you to the top of the search result pages okay I'm gonna wrap it up I don't want it to be too long I do a video about every single day lesser-known SEO tips like this also bait beginner SEO tips advanced SEO tips that are specifically for law firms they can be used for other businesses but I do work for law firms if you like this video give me a thumbs up that helps me in the algorithms give my channel subscribe because I'll be dropping these every single day and I'll see you next time